Moreish is a contemporary Hong Kong brand driven by a passion to celebrate classic favourites whilst transforming them for the modern world; creating fresh and exciting gourmet treats for everyone to enjoy.

Our Story

Taking inspiration from one of the the world's earliest fusion cuisines, we travelled to Malaysia to explore the combination of traditions and cultures from different ethnic groups where the food embraces diversity in flavours and culinary technique.

As an extension of this idea, we took 'Mum's secret recipe' and broke it down - discarding unessential components and leaving room for enhancements in flavour and experience.

Our Name

Moreish stems from the informal British word used as an adjective to describe a food that is so pleasant to eat, that one wants more. By reinventing the pineapple shortcake, we have created unique gourmet treats that will always leave you wanting more.

Our Pineapple

Ethically sourced from small farms in Thailand, we use native Patavia pineapples that are selected by hand just before they fully ripen. This ensures our pineapple filling has the right balance - not too sweet with a tropical tang and the most fragrant flavour for our golden centres.